Sunday, May 4, 2008

Manchester Freedom win 70-8!

My daughter plays football on an all-women's team. She's always wanted to play football but I discouraged it while she was in high school because she would have had to play with the boys. Right after college she found this women's league and started playing...this is her fourth season.

It's a tremendous amount of work for her but also a lot of fun. They play full tackle with all the same rules as the men's professional football league. My hubby Tag and I have followed her around to most of her away games and would never miss a home game.

This week's game was in Portland, ME, about and hour and a half from our house. We always use any kind of traveling as an excuse to visit a new area. We had planned on going up early afternoon and browsing around Portland for the afternoon before finding a nice dinner and then going to the game at 6:30. Of course the weather didn't cooperate and it was raining all morning.....all weekend as a matter of fact! So we left a little later than we had planned and got up to Portland about 4:30.

We only had a little time to browse before we found a nice little pubby-kind of place called the Old Port where we had some New England Clam "Chowdah" and some fish and chips.

It was just misting out when we got to the game. We realized immediately that the Maine team was going to be overpowered.....they only had 16 active players. I think Manchester got 3 or 4 touchdowns in the first quarter. During part of the game it started pouring out, but I am an old hand at watching sports ....about 25 years now starting with oldest son Doug's Little League games....and we had dressed appropriately with warm coats, sweatshirts, mittens, hats, scarves, raincoats, and umbrella. Hubby had even brought along some hot chocolate.

As we realized the score was getting out of hand, we just had more and more fun. The girls became laid back and were joking on the sidelines, and the coaches took the opportunity to allow girls to play different positions than they normally would. It was a fun game despite the rain, which tapered off and stopped around the third quarter.

I'm so glad my daughter still plays sports.....I'd miss the lights, the excitement, the cheers and the "bleacher butt."

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