Sunday, May 25, 2008


What a beautiful day yesterday....Saturday. My parents and my sister and her husband and kids went camping for the long weekend at a campground about an hour and a half from the house. Tag and I went up to visit for the day. The campground is the nicest campground you've ever seen. The owners take great pride in keeping the place clean and keeping the campers happy. My parents had tried several other campgrounds, but once they started going to Mi-Te-Jo, they were hooked on it and haven't gone anywhere else since then. We got there mid-afternoon and just sat in lawn chairs all afternoon and chatted. That's really the very best thing about camping...just sitting and doing absolutely nothing without feeling guilty about it. There's no housework, no phones, no errands. My sister had made a huge shepard's pie, so there wasn't even any reason for us to fire up the grill and cook the hamburgers we'd brought. She popped it in the oven and an hour later we ate it. After dinner we took a stroll around the campground. My parents wanted us to see the ginormous camper that we figured must go for about $250K, and the new pavilion being built on the other side of the campground. We got back and my Dad started a campfire and we sat around some more and talked until it was time to make s'mores. My brother-in-law also had hotdogs for us to roast over the fire. The best part of the day was seeing my parents relaxing and enjoying their camping. While my Dad was in the hospital and then recovering afterwards he talked a lot about camping and how he couldn't wait for summer to come so he could go. I'm hoping the long, difficult winter is over for my parents and that summer brings and end to the hard times they've had.....and brings with the new season a new time of health and happiness.

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