Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reality TV

Time for another look at my reality TV shows: Beauty and the Geek - Thank GOD Joe was finally voted out. He has to be the grossest and most annoying one on the show. Besides all his other problems, he talks with his eyes closed and that's just weird. I'll be happy to hear the last of Cara's little cutesy-girl voice. Next week is the season finale and I'm hoping for Leticia and Matt to win because they seem to sincerely care for each other. Survivor - What in the world is the matter with those guys? How can they keep getting blind-sided? Why would you keep trusting people???? Of those left, I hope Cerie wins....she seems to be the most devious and is running the game from behind the scenes. The finale is Sunday night and I'll be snuggling in for a blissful three hours of pure Survivor. What a great Mother's Day Gift! American Idol - Ohhh.....poor Jason left. I know he was cute and everything but he couldn't sing! I've heard better performances at Open Mic nights. And what was happening to him at the end? He seemed to be totally losing it. He said he was relieved to be off because they have to learn three songs and he didn't think he could do it. Geez, what does he think he's going to have to do when he goes on tour? I'm hoping David Archuletta wins because I think he has the most extraordinary voice. Props to my hubby who picked him and Syesha at the very beginning. I suck cause I picked Michael Johns and Ramielle Malubay. All these reality shows are done this week! What the HELL am I going to do?? I'm hoping my very favorite, The Amazing Race, is back for another season soon. And the summer shows "America's Got Talent" and "American Inventor" should be back. Survivor Update: OH MY GOD! Erik truly gets the title of dumbest Survivor EVER!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Author:

You CRY for that shit, now that I'm no longer on that show!

Aw, who cares, its over. And you'll always suck at life.

Yours truely,
-Cowboy Joe