Saturday, May 31, 2008

Horrible Football Game

Jamie had a game tonight in Somerville, MA. It wasn't as bad getting there as we thought it would be since Stepson Kenny used to live in that area and we'd been around that way before. Unfortunately, the evening went downhill fast after that. My list of crappy things: 1) It was $10 EACH to get in.....price is usually no more than $5. Good thing I happened to notice on the opposing team's website that that was the admission fee because we wouldn't have had $20 in cash with us. 2) We misjudged the time and got there an hour and 15 minutes before the game started. 3) The stadium was gorgeous, but had no bleachers for the visiting team so we had to sit with the home team fans on their side of the field. 4) We like sitting on the 50 yard line...which we did. Our seats were right below the announcer's booth. They played ear-splittingly loud music before the game and between every single play. 5) The half-time score was 24-7.......against us. 6) In the third quarter Jamie went down and stayed down.....again. In all the years she's played sports this has never happened.....and now it was twice in one season. The coaches came running out. They took a long time to assess her. She finally stood up and had to put her arms around two coaches and be helped off the field. I cried. 7) She had twisted her ankle. I was hugely pissed when she went BACK into the game with her ankle all taped up. They couldn't just let her sit? 8) In the fourth quarter it started pouring out and we could see thunder and lightening in the distance. 9) With 1:25 to play, a girl on the other team went down and didn't get back up. An ambulance was called while we all sat there in the pouring rain waiting for her to be taken off the field. Once again....I have watched Jamie play football for four years and never seen this happen, yet it's the third time in three weeks. 10) They lost the game 38-7. 11) After the game the teams went into the locker rooms and some guy on a power trip would not open up the gate that would allow us to go and see our players. We all stood there like herded cattle waiting for our daughters or girlfriends or wives to come out and stand on the other side of the gate so we could talk to them. It's standard after every game that players come and mingle with the fans and give out congratulations or condolences. The ONLY redeeming thing was that the 7 points the Freedom scored were made by Jamie. She caught a long pass and ran it in for a touchdown, then kicked her own extra point. Otherwise, it was a crappy night.

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tag vennard said...

YOU forgot to mention that Jamie had a teammate call you on your cell to tell you it was only an ankle injury, so you wouldn't get too worried. was it a text ? or a call? But you didnt get it until after the game!