Sunday, September 6, 2009

You just have to squeeze in some good stuff during this last weekend of summer.

I was so very excited to have THREE days off in a row this weekend. I usually work Saturday mornings so my weekends consist of ........Sunday. Hubby and I decided to take a ride up to Portsmouth, NH. It's someplace Hubby has been wanting to explore and I haven't really been there that often either. We started out at "Strawberry Banke". This is a 'museum' of an 1800's settlement in New Hampshire. The buildings are all original. It was very different from Sturbridge Village in that it wasn't set up to resemble a working village. There were very few "characters" pretending to be villagers. Actually, we only saw one. And the contents of the houses actually represented everything from 1800 through the 1950's. There were some beautiful houses and gardens. This is a very cool treehouse.....not sure if it was really made during that time period.
This may look familiar to some of you folks.
Then we went across the street to Prescott Park. It's beautiful, right on the water, with some amazing gardens. We walked across the bridge to Pierce Island.
After Prescott Park we went to Market Square where it's all cobblestone streets and little shops and art studios.
We crossed the bridge into Kittery after that and went to a little clam shack called "Bob's" for a yummy seafood supper eaten, as it should be, outside on the picnic tables.


Chief said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am so glad I came over to hear about your trip. I have ALWAYS wanted to travel to NH and Vermont. It looks wonderful!

Joan said...

Do you know I have never been to Strawberry Banks? I think I was out sick the day of the school trip or something. I've heard about it my entire life, but never got there. I guess I'll add that to my list of "Places I want to visit before I die..."!