Thursday, September 17, 2009

Points to Ponder

* Why do I hate clothes shopping so much? Because the clothes I can afford are ugly and cheaply made. And they dont' make anything nice for us "robust" girls. I dont' want to wear something that looks like my grandmother's mumu. * So......I finally had a little extra money to get myself some clothes so I went to my usual Kmart and Wally World and ended out with six pairs of undies (desperately needed....TMI?) and two pairs of shoes that I hope will not hurt my feet. That's it. * I like Dress Barn. That will be my next stop. * Is it really worth it to sit there with your blinker on waiting to get into a parking space near the door when there are plenty of spaces just a few feet down? You're not saving any time you know....because I usually go park my car and then walk past you while you're still sitting there with your blinker on. * If you must make a 7 point turn to get into a parking space at the grocery store, perhaps you are too old to drive. * Speaking of which, it's "Florida Time" at AAA. All the lovely old folks are coming in for their Trip Tiks for their annual migration to Florida. My advice is to stay off I-95 South until at least Thanksgiving. * Do you think I'd make any money if I started a "Bag Boy School"? Maybe I should bring my idea to those guys on "Shark Tank". Although.....I don't get that show. * Did you see the guy who caught his first ever foul ball....handed it to his 3-year old....and she promptly threw it back onto the field? The video was so popular that the Today Show had the family on. They made out like bandits with Phillies game shirts and signed ball. * I am way beyond disgusted with "America's Got Talent". Did you see who won the finale? The Chicken Farmer!!! Are you kidding me???? I've heard better singing at on open mic. And he got a million dollars. hmmmmm......maybe next year I should try out. * How come when I rant and rave I get 7 or 8 comments. When I put an adorable video of my grandson on.......nothin'. That's all I got on my mind .......for now.

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Rachel Sue said...

It is only worth it to sit in the parking lot with your blinker on, waiting for a spot when it's Saturday at the zoo and the other option is to park on the highway and hike in.

At least in my opinion. . .

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