Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Stuff

I went to a "Lia Sophia" jewelry party Friday night. I'm not much on going to these parties. Usually I say "no thank-you" when asked to go, but this person is a good friend and a fun person so I figured it would be fun. It was. But.....I don't like spending money on jewelry. Usually it's some earrings when we go to a craft fair....never anything over $10. But you know how it goes........I did buy some earrings.....for $30. Ouch. I worked Saturday morning. There was someone waiting to come in when I got there. Despite the sign stating that we open at 9am, he figured that since we turned the lights on, he could come in at 8:50. The Twit. We close at 1pm, and a couple came in at 12:15 and spent the next half hour arguing at the counter, over which tickets they should buy for their FUN vacation in Florida. After I finally got them squared 12:50.....they realized they'd forgotten to get the traveler's checks they needed. And then the guy signed one on the wrong line. The Twit. I finally went shopping in the afternoon and got some fall clothes for work. I guess it was a blessing that some idiot backed into me and my insurance company gave me $238 because that sure bought me a bunch of clothes. I got some nice things at Khol's ....which used to have the worst "Ladies" department but now has some really nice things. The rest of the clothes I got at Fashion Bug. My hubby took me out to Margurita's for dinner Saturday night. We don't usually go there...I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food, but I had a coupon for a free entree. They do have a nice grilled chicken Fajita. We finally got over to my brother's house for a football game today. Patriots vs. Falcons. The Patriots were the underdogs for this one but we won! And my brother made us a delicious meal. We really enjoy visiting them. Tonight is the season premier of the Amazing Race. So nice to have my reality shows back on again. Survivor started last Thursday. I still miss Beauty and the Geek, though. And tomorrow it's back to work. Sigh..............

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Utah Grammie said...

Sounds like you had a busy week-end! I'm like you about jewelry - I figure I can loose one cheap earring just as easily as I can loose one expensive earring - and I'd feel better about loosing a cheap one :-)

Cute clothes? How fun! I haven't been shopping for a while - I am the Queen of Comfort and my job is not face-to-face with customers, so I have casual day every day! Luck me - actually, they say you should "dress for the position you want (in a company)" soooo, I dreass for the position I want - to be retired!!