Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple Picking in New England

Lots of big, fat, juicy apples just waiting for us to come along and pick them. First up....... a ride on the wagon behind the tractor. Emily loved the tractor.
She sat on my lap and played with the hay.
Jamie climbed the tree to get the fattest apples from the top.
Auntie J and Em meander down the path.
My son Nick made his girlfriend Kelly laugh with his imitation of a farmer.
My daughter-in-law Kara (aka Emmy's Mom) shows Emmy how small her apple is.
Emmy loves the apple right off the tree.
Inside the store, Emmy learned the words "gourd" and "bumpy".
She wasn't too sure about sitting on a pumpkin.
Until later on when she was getting pooped out.


Lucy said...

I would love to work where you do. I love traveling so much and have been to so many places in the states...how fun would that be to plan out people's trips! Thanks for commenting. It must really be coming into Autumn where you live. I have never been to New England. Only those few states up there and I sure want to before I die. I think those are the only states I haven't been to with the exception of Mississippi and Alabama. Road Trip!!!

Rachel Sue said...

Those sagging apple trees are making my mouth water. . .

Maggie said...

Great pictures!! What a fun day!!

The Head Eagle said...

What a GREAT day! Great Pictures!

Joan said...

As always, your photos make me homesick! Mmmmm... those NH macintosh apples - I can taste them! No better apple in the world. Emily is adorable, and Noah (in the post below) looks sooo sweet! I enjoyed seeing all the photos! I'm so happy to see you enjoying life so much!

Utah Grammie said...

Hmmm..fresh apple cider..hot apple pies..cool walks in the fall..this is a perfect post!