Friday, September 4, 2009

I have no kids starting school.....but.......

I did get pictures from friends and relatives of their kids on their first days of school. First is Skylar, who used to be in my daycare. She was a cute little chubby faced preschooler and now look at her entering 5th grade!
Next are Sean and Cara. Cara was the first baby I had in my daycare.....only about 3 months old. Now she is entering 5th grade and her brother is going to 1st!
My beautiful niece Laura is entering 4th grade. That smile hasn't changed a bit!
And finally, the most exciting first day of step-daughter Wendy started her first day of college! I'm so proud of her for taking this gigantic step. She knows it will be a very long process but I know she has the determination to see it through. Good Luck Wendy and Lots of Love.
PS...I couldn't get the pictures and text to line up. I hope you can figure out who is who!

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