Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grampy is The Ice Cream King

Our Grandson Noah will be one year old on Friday! My hubby, his Grampy, is the self-proclaimed ice cream King in Noah's life. There's a little ice cream stand near Noah's house and Grampy has to take him there every time he goes over to visit. Watch Noah's reaction when he sees the ice cream stand and hears Grampy say the words "ice cream".


Utah Grammie said...

He a toot! What is he..about 18-19 months? Adorable - I love it how they "chatter" on and on..make you wonder what's in their head and how frustrating it would be not to have anyone KNOW what you're "hey, I want a motorcycle and oh, by the way, where's the ice cream you're talking about??" Cute cute cute!

kenneth frank said...

i've shown this video to everyone i know!! i watch it every day, it's my favorite!

it was good seeing you guys yesterday, enjoy the week and your upcoming trip!


wendy said...

haha whatba monkey ! great videos and pics too !! love ya

tag vennard said...

The good news is that I swear Noah says "grandpa" now (sept '09) the bad news is I hear the ice cream stand is closed for the season

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! I love the sweet little baby videos.