Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stay at Home Morning

I didn't have to work this morning. Our new office is being built right outside our old office and they were delivering something-or-other that was going to entail a big crane truck. And I guess they didn't want anyone or anyone's cars to get crushed so they closed the office for the morning. So. I had the morning off. I had also had the day off yesterday, when I ran my errands and whatever and visited my Mom and sister. So I determined that I could do "nothing" and just relax this morning. I didn't get up until 8:15. Wow! And I watched Regis and Kelly/Ellen (flipping back and forth). And then I watched an old rerun of ER. It wasn't that old actually. It wasn't from way back. It was from that murky time during the 7-8-9th season when I wasn't really watching it. I am watching it now because it's the last season and I want to see all the old characters come back like they keep advertising they're going to. At 11 I wasn't sure what was on. So I flipped a bit and came upon Tyra. I NEVER watch Tyra. BUT.....she had Rosie O'Donnell on. And I always used to like Rosie. I watched her talk show every day. How did I do that? I've been working for a long time. She must have been on in the late afternoon and I'd watch her after work. And I really, really liked her show. I was sorry to see her getting weird after her talk show was over. But she wasn't weird today. She seemed to be back to her old self. She was charming and funny. When Tyra asked her for her opinion about current events (ie. the Michael Phelps scandal) she gave thoughtful and tactful answers. If she went back to doing another talk show I would totally watch it again. If it was on at a time when I could watch it. Which is now either early morning or early evening. sigh......... Anyway, back to the original reason for the story. So I stayed in my jammies all morning. Yes! All. Morning. And I did want to launder the sheets on my bed. 'Cause I couldn't really just do absolutely nothing all morning. But of course our laundry room is downstairs. And I live in an apartment building. Was it wrong for me to go down to the laundry room in my nightgown and bathrobe? That's my question. I'm not talking about cool printed pajama pants and a T-shirt. I'm talking about a bona-fide flannel nightgown and robe. No slippers. Of course the cute guy from downstairs who plays the guitar happened to come into the building as I was trying to hurry back into my apartment. And on the second trip to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, another guy from upstairs was in the hall. I smiled and nodded at both of them and neither one of them fell down onto the floor in horror or amusement. It's a good thing my kids don't still live with me so I can embarass them in this way. Kids can be funny about stuff like that. I remember when I was a kid my Mom would sometimes have curlers in her hair. Remember curlers? Now she didn't wear them out and about to the grocery store or anything like that. But she would have them in her hair when our friends would come over to play in our pool. And we would chant in a sing-songy voice "Curlers in your hair! Shame on you!" We were such nice kids that way. The two guys who saw me in the hall in my jammies didn't chant any songs to me. But I bet my kids would have if they'd seen me.

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tag vennard said...

I think it's perfectly OK to run around the halls of our building in PJs. we're one big happy family in that condo. I go out in my robe sometimes. I say its OK hunny
love ya
PS my word verification was "menar" which I think is an old egyptian magician like karnak