Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This and That

Typical February in New Hampshire. Not so much going on: *The weather has actually been decent. 40 degrees out and sunshiny. We haven't had any precipitation in a while. I guess that's supposed to change tonight when we get snow/rain/mush. Only an inch or two or three.....really not enough to even mention. *My work has been getting busier. They put up a great big sign so now people know we're there. Still, when they call, we have to give directions then say, "it looks like a construction site, but don't worry, that's us....we are in the trailer mobile office." *I have a tickle in my throat. I have to do that annoying one syllable cough every two or three minutes. I'm hoping I'm not going to get sick. Everyone around me is sick....colds, flu, kids are sick, barfing, coughing, sneezing, etc. And they all come to work! So far I've been good. I'm a big proponent of Echinacea. I've been taking it for several years and truly, truly believe it boosts my immune system.
*Last night I went out with my Girl scout leader friends for our monthly dinner. We ate at New England Seafood, which was delicious. We had a nice time visiting and catching up.
*Speaking of Girl Scouts, my husband bought cookies from a guy at work.....or I guess really from his daughter. The kind I like used to be called Samoas. Now they're coconut caramel something or others but whatever you call them, they're delish.
*Tonight was supposed to be babysitting night for Emily. But DIL just called to say they are staying at her mother's house for a few days. They have a guy putting a new floor in the kitchen and the project has taken over the house. The refrigerator and kitchen table are sitting in the middle of the living room. There's no place for the baby to be and no place for son and DIL to sit. I told her maybe I could call this weekend and visit so I don't have Emily withdrawals.
*I have my annual physical tomorrow. I'm going to a new doctor. The old one really ticked me off. It's a long story. want me to tell it? Here's the short version. I had a problem last summer with blood in the urine (sorry...I know...TMI) so they sent me for tests. Then they sent the results of those tests to me in a letter, rather than the doctor or anyone else at the office calling me.....including the letter that said, "suspicious mass in your kidney." I was quite furious. After lots of tests it turned out to be a fluid filled cyst in my kidney...totally benign. I had no allegience to this doctor's office anyway because doctors went in and out of there like a revolving door, so when I got the chance to go back to my old doctor ....whom I'd reluctantly left because of a change in insurance.....I decided to go back. I hope she's as nice as I remember her. The other doctor made the mistake of sending me a "patient exit interview" asking why I left them. I filled both sides, front and back.
*I finished my secret project and shipped it off today so now I can finally begin Noah's birth announcement cross stitch. Here's why I don't like kits: They send all the pieces of thread with no names or numbers on them! I spent two hours last night sorting the threads and trying to figure out which color is which. Some of the colors are just the tiniest hair difference from the next one. On this pattern there's Pale Terra Cotta, Light Terra Cotta, Terra Cotta and Dark Terra Cotta. They all look the same!
* The new seasons of Survivor, Amazing Race and American Idol have started. I am in heaven!

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Kaye said...

Oh another big fan of Amazing Race. Jeez I really like that show. I already know who I am rooting for and who I don't like as potential whiners! That cheese thing had to be one of the funniest stunts ever.