Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pepere Babysits

A weird series of events ended out with Pepere babysitting on his own Wednesday night. I usually babysit but had a staff meeting for work.....Emmy's other Grandma was on vacation.....Emmy's Daddy had to work late........and so Pepere babysat for a while on his own. And he had a blast. Emily is still getting over her cold but was in good spirits. As soon as my Hubby showed up she said, "Ball? Ball?" because that's the game she plays with him. I had to leave just about right away, but Hubby had his cell phone out to check and see if he had DIL's cell phone number and Emily was so engrossed in playing with the phone, I got a casual "bye" when I left. Emily and her Pepere played and had fun. Pepere was amazed at her abilities, especially her language. As they built towers out of cardboard blocks they counted the blocks together. We are both amazed at Emily's ability to do the shape sorter. She knows to turn the sorter from side to side to find the correct shape. At one point, Emily told Pepere "eat" and she said it clearly enough for Hubby to understand that she was hungry. After he fed her she told him "Cheerios" and he knew what she wanted. They played some more until Auntie J (my daughter Jamie) came over to help Hubby with bedtime.
Pepere had a great time and I was very proud of him for doing such a great job.


tag vennard said...

Emily said "choo-choo-ch-choo" and pointed to the cupboard where the cheerios are kept.
Im glad Jamie came to babysit pepere- she did all the work once she got there.
PS the word verification is troilism

Kaye said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Say, where do I get jammies like that with the nice penguin applique??