Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Sick

It finally hit me. After making it through most of the winter I finally caught something. I don't get sick too often anymore. I used to be sick all winter long.....especially when I was doing daycare. But four or five years ago I started taking Echinacea. And it's really helped.
I started on Thurday with the little cough from the tickle in the throat. Then the tickle became worse. It's weird cause my nose isn't stuffed, but there must be some post-nasal drip because I've been hacking up a lung for the past two days.
I don't usually take medicine because I'm very sensitive to medicines. But it wouldn't be great if I was hacking away at work. So I took some Robitussen with decongestant. And now I feel like a zombie. Like I could seriously put my head down on my desk and take a nap. But I'll try not to.


Debbie said...

Be oh so careful with that cough. Pop over to my place if you feel like it to read what might happen to you! And get well soon.

Amber said...

Seems like the bugs that are out there this year are nasty! Everyone is getting sick- even those that never do! I hope you feel better soon!