Monday, February 9, 2009

What's Up?

Not much! But I'll tell you all I know: *Emily is feeling a little better. This new antibiotic is working. She's not in pain anymore but she's still all congested and hoarse. It amazes me how much spirit she has though. She still loves to play and laugh and be silly even though she's not feeling the best. *We got the last of the stuff out of my cousin Michael's house. Aunt Izzy decided to donate the piano instead of selling it so I took it off of Craig's list. I only got a couple of general inquiries anyway so I don't know that Craig's list was going to work. *We are having a heat wave here in New England! The weather has been in the 40's! Whooo hooo! Sunday they were predicting it might hit 50, and maybe it did, but it was windy so that kind of negated the warm temperature. We thought about going hiking or to the beach or whatever......but it wasn't that warm......and we wouldn't have gotten started til late......and we wanted to be lazy relax so we just stayed home. *Nick and Kelly came over on Sunday afternoon, primarily to visit Oreo and clip his nails for me. I can't get the cat to sit still while I do it and MAN does it hurt when he gets his claws into you. *Hubby and I are the "special guests" at an open mic on Friday night. Special guests are better than open mic-ers (who only get two songs) but not as good as features (who get about 45 minutes - and they pass the hat for the feature). We will get about 25 minutes, which translates into something like six songs. We are singing all originals and one cover. We've been practicing all week and not doing too badly. At least all the songs are all written.....and we're not finishing them the night before the show! *Has anyone else noticed how horrible the line-up is now on TLC? Isn't it supposed to be The Learning Channel.....not the circus channel? Real show titles: The Mermaid Girl, The 750 lb. man, the Pregnant Man........are you serious??? I've decided I'm not even going to watch them anymore no matter what show might be on because it's just encouraging them to be acting like the National Enquirer. That's all I got.

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Kaye said...

Hi again, geez this is the worst day ever for blog screw up among other stuff. I tried to go to three columns and it is but the text just is not in the right place, don't know how to fix it, can't get the columns to look separate. Followed directions to the letter with the template needed and oh, hell, it stinks.

Anyway, in all my aggravation, I told you to go to the wrong place, so sorry. Her comment was in Teaser Tuesdays and here it is:

To put a link into a comment or anywhere else you need to use those little alligator mouth symbols (aka less than or greater than) that reside above the comma and period keys as brackets. I can't type out the script for you since blogger will convert it into a link and you won't be able to see it - but what you do is really very simple - although it looks more complicated all spelled out like this:
-type the "less than" symbol (hit Shift, Comma)
-then type the letter a (small caps) directly beside it
-then put a space in there after the letter a
-then type href=
-right next to the = sign type in the website address you want to link to in quotation marks, for example, ""
-right next to the end quote " type in the greater than symbol (Shift, Period)
-right next to that bracket type in the word you want to appear in the text that will be highlighted with the link, for example Penguin
-right next to that word typ in another less than bracket (Shift, Comma) then a back slash, then the letter a, then another greater than bracket (Shift, Period).

I keep a sample of this script on my desktop with my blog address as the default website and the words INSERT WORD HERE to denote where I should go in and overwrite with the Penguin word or whatever. Then I just copy and paste it whenever I need it and change the INSERT WORD HERE portion to say Penguin or whatever.

Then it will look like THIS!

Those greater than and less than brackets are what you put around things to get the text to do what you want. If you put them around the letter b and type a word and the put them around /b at the end of the word it will put the word in bold - using an i will make the words in italics.

Hope this helps and sorry for the ranting. Technology, can't live without it at this point but it sure is aggravating.