Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Do They Do That?

Can anyone tell me how to make a banner stay at the top of a page? Like a spring countdown? Also.....how do you set up a link to another page but not have the www address show. Like when someone says, "see my friend's blog here and the word here is the link to her blog. Thanks to anyone who can help me!


Kaye said...

OMG! I just had this "conversation" yesterday. I left a post somewhere re Tuesday Teaser and everyone was saying here's mine and it linked to their site. Of course,me being technologically challenged, wrote sorry, don't know how to make a link and had to write out the whole URL. A wonderful lady named Molly from The Bumbles entered my contest and spelled out step by step how to do it. Go to my contest post and look for the entry by The Bumbles, copy and paste her instructions to word or wherever you keep stuff. I tested it on an old post of mine, mainly so I could erase it, and it worked. Oh, happy day!

Too bad you didn't come up with your caption sooner because Janel won with her caption re did someone say Fish. See ya, kiddo! Pop on over for a visit.

Debbie said...

Karen, I know Kaye has left you those instructions but I'll leave you more, just in case. When you are typing your post on blogger, at the top of the little box you will see an icon that looks like some links of chain. On my page they are green. When you hover your mouse over it, it will probably say "link". Just highlight the word you want to use to link, like "here" or a blog's name, and then click that icon. A box will pop up and you insert the url you want to link to in that. See if that makes sense to you and let me know if it doesn't. I'll be happy to help, if I can:)

Bingo said...

Debbie, You are my hero as neither did I know how to do that. I did it with your explanation and it worked. Thank you, Bingo at http://bookinwithbingo.blogspot

If I knew how to make and give away those awards I see on people's blogs, I'd give you one, but I don't!