Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sick Baby

My poor little pumpkin Emily is a sick girl. She had to go to the doctor today and was diagnosed with a bad ear infection. I babysat her on Monday morning and she wasn't feeling too bad.....then she slowly deteriorated as the morning went on. By the time Mom got home at 11 she was bawling over nothing. I'm so glad they took her into the doctor today. They got her on some antibiotic and I'm sure she'll feel better soon. It's so hard when a baby is sick, isn't it? You just want to take on all the pain yourself because the poor little babes have no idea why they feel so bad. I'll babysit on Friday morning .....I can't wait to cuddle her up and give her some Memere-lovin' to make her feel better.

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Debbie said...

Here's hoping she is all well soon!