Sunday, March 1, 2009

Smile for the Camera!

Hubby and I had the joy of babysitting our grand-daughter last night. And I do mean joy. I've said it before and I'll say it again. She is really the happiest baby I've ever met.....and that's saying something considering I did child care for 25 years.
She makes me laugh over and over again. The funniest thing that happened yesterday (and I'm sure it'll lose something in the translation):
Emily was laying on a bouncy ball, rolling back and forth like they do with those exercise balls and I thought, "she's going to roll forward and do a face-plant". Sure enough, she did. I waited for the wail, but instead there were several seconds of silence followed by a muffled, "Uh oh" as her face was still implanted in the carpet. It didn't faze her for a single second. She got up and continued to play.
Speaking of the bouncy ball, she has a new game she plays with Pepere. It used to be Pepere would stuff the ball under his shirt and Emily would "find" it. The new game entails teasing Pepere with the ball.....actually holding it out to him then pulling it away and running over and giving it to Memere. Watch:

For some reason, she has started to "smile" for the camera. Mom and Dad said they didn't teach it to her.....they have no idea where she got it.

Then it was time for Pepere's favorite part of babysitting. Taking the child out for ice cream. Last time we just let her lick a little ice cream off our cones. This time we got her her own dish of vanilla soft serve and let her go to town.
I think there might have been a little bit of "brain freeze" involved here. Either that or she didn't like the raspberry flavor of Pepere's ice cream that she stole from his bowl.
It's okay that she stole from him......because he did his share of stealing from her:

As always we had a blast. We gave her a nice tubby and had her in her jammies and all sweet-smelling when Mommy and Daddy got home.


Kaye said...

That's definitely a brain freeze kind of grimace. yow, that hurts! She is tooooo cute for words!

Amber said...

Mmm, ice cream. Such a cutie!! I love the brain freeze face.