Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Booby Squishy

Today was Booby Squishy Day. Yep, I had to go for a mammogram. Just my yearly check-up. For the first time I wanted to go. Crazy, you say? Not so crazy when Breast Cancer suddenly runs in your family.
Since my Mom was diagnosed a year ago last August, it's been on my mind that now I'm in a different percentage of people whose risk of breast cancer has increased. I've always been mindful of getting mammograms, but I was especially happy anxious to get it done this year.
It's embarassing for some people I know. But after the indignity of having three babies, a mammogram is nothing. They put you in a tiny curtained room that's half the size of a changing room at the local Walmart and ask you to put on a gown with the opening in front. Does the gown ever have laces that tie? Of course not. So you're sitting there with the gown pulled as tightly as possible around you and you're holding it together with your hands.
They called me into the room within two minutes and asked a few questions. I had to wipe off the deoderant I was wearing (which I'm sure the people I met later at Market Basket must have appreciated).
Then it's time for the big squisheroo. Standing at the machine, the tech asked me to whip out expose one breast at a time. That must have been for modesty's sake. The tech has no fear of just grabbing your breast and arranging it on the machine. Then she lowers the top part of the machine and squiiiiiiiiishes just enough.
For my bodacious and ginormous ta-ta's she had to take three pictures of each one. Yup.....they need a bigger machine for me. And each one had to have two angles done, so she did a total of 12 pictures.
I like the new digital mammography. She was able to view all the pictures and make sure they were clear and not fuzzy so they didn't have to be repeated. The very first mammogram I had done was not digital......and I got a letter in the mail a few days later asking me to come and have it repeated. I had a heart attack until I found out my films were just out of focus. Digital mammography removes all that.
Seriously........and I DO mean seriously..........please don't hesitate to go and get your mammogram. It's so, so, so important. Yes, it's scary. But it DOES NOT hurt. I was going name this post "Booby Squishy....ouch". But decided to delete the "ouch" because I dont' want people to think it hurts. Yes, it's uncomfortable. And not uncomfortable in the way a doctor says it's uncomfortable while you're writhing on the exam table. It hurts MUCH less than stubbing your toe...or hitting your funny bone.
So go get your mammogram. It could SAVE. YOUR. LIFE. Your life is worth saving, right?
Her shirt says, "Find a Cure Before I Grow Boobs!"


tag vennard said...

I love reading about your bodacious ta-tas hunny! but i believe deodorant is spelled deodorant as in no more odor.
BTW are they any photos to post? of your booby-squishy-boobs?
PS my word verification was "dedlyzes" which are short but deadly diseases!

Amber said...

I think whether it hurts or not is contingent on your mammogram lady. Mine hurt- she squished hard! It's still important though.

Debbie said...

It is time for me to get the girls flattened out as well. And I don't ever mind it. Except that no deodorant thing.

Me said...

That picture (of the little girl) is adorable!

I heard the other day that they moved the age to 35. Not surprising, I guess!

Even though I have yet to get one..I have to agree that after having kids, exposing your ta'ta's for a picture can't be that bad. Can it?

Bonnie the Boss said...

How funny that we both wrote about this. I am not scared. Personally I think it can't be worse than a pap, but that is just me. Good for you for going!

heidilou said...

Yes, it can hurt. Like Amber said, it depends on who does it. I had one that was very painful. I just had my mammogram last week, and it wasn't too bad. The first thing the tech said was that they had a brand new digital machine. I asked her if it would hurt any less, and she said no. But she was pretty gentle.

Breast cancer runs in my family too. In fact, my sister died from it. I had Stage Zero breast cancer (DCIS) back in 2001. Fortunately, it hasn't come back. Then my niece (the daughter of my sister who died from it), found out that she had breast cancer when she went for her very first mammogram at age 30! Now THAT sucks!

Anonymous said...

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