Thursday, March 26, 2009

250?? WHA??

Yesterday I went for the second half of my physical. I asked the nurse practitioner why they do it in two visits and she said because it would make one visit too long. I'm sure the $20 co-pay per visit had nothing to do with it.
This visit was for my prod-n-poke. All seemed well there, thank you very much. What I DID like about this is that the nurse practitioner had all my results from my lab tests from the first visit.
Most things were fine except for the DAMN cholesterol. I've been hovering right around 200 for the last few years. And's gone up to 250. Perhaps the 10 15 pounds I've gained since my marriage in 2006 has something to do with it?
Or perhaps it's the habit I picked up from Hubby of having ice-cream every night. Or maybe even Hubby's delicious fried chicken.
Now I have three months to get it under control or they'll want to put me on medication. Grrrr.
Good-bye red meat, ice cream and fried foods. Hello long walk every night. Grumble, grumble, grumble.
On another subject:
Did we all watch American Idol last night? Not a bad night overall. But I'm picking either Michael - the poster child for "white men can't dance" - Megan - "I wanna be a rocker but I have a voice like a mouse" - or Scott to leave tonight. Would it be un-PC for me to pick on Scott? I don't care that he's blind......he just can't sing. And he's been there much longer than he should have been.
Did you see Adam????? Oh my God, I am in love! He looked so beautiful with his sweet baby face showing and his hair slicked back. He looked like a very young and very sexy Elvis. And his slow crooning song was phenomenal. And we all thought he was just a rocker?
Survivor had their episode on a "special night" last night - stupid March Madness ruining my TV viewing pleasure. When they have Survivor on the "special night" it's always a review show. "All new scenes never before shown." Bleh. I'd rather see a new episode.


peewee said...

Yah. I wish adam would STAY like that. His greasy hair all over his eyes kinda grosses me out. That song was amazing though.

Sorry bout your cholesterol. I'm going gray! Does that make it any better?

tag vennard said...

the last 3 standing will be Adam (who was far and away the best singer last night) Allison and Danny
my word verification was "inesh"

Kaye said...

I don't care what excuse Dr.s give you, it's always about the money!!! They are first and foremost a business. Hippocratic oath,yeah right, that's why they won't take new medicare patients. Never forget, it's all about the $

Debbie said...

After years of diet and exercise with no results, my husband went on that medicine. He is doing great!!!

Maraiya said...

One of the benefits to not having an actual physician and just my OB, he doesn't ever say anything about my weight or cholesterol or stuff like that.

Joan said...

For some reason, I just don't like Adam. Just feels like he's already sure he's won. I do like Danny and Alison, but I'm hoping Kris comes out of his shell and really wows us in the next few weeks. I think he's a cutie. But then, I was (and still am!) a big Jason Kastro fan, so what do I know?? LOL