Monday, March 30, 2009

Internet Dependent

It's very very scary how dependent we've all become on the internet. Our internet at work went down on Saturday morning and we had nothing. to. do. We couldn't book passengers on airlines...couldn't find hotels for them....couldn't put payments into the system.....etc, etc, etc. We were hoping our internet would get back up quickly but it didn't. When we came into work this morning it was still down. So we started figuring out how to do some work without it. No Use the phonebook. No websites to do direct booking? Use the phone and call to book a client No payment system? Write out handwritten receipts. No Interoffice email? Call people on the phone. There were some things we just couldn't do, like make trip maps or book some reservations. One of the girls abandoned ship and went to another branch office where they had all the comforts and amenities. Our IT guy finally patched together a system for us to use around 3pm. We got as much done as we could but will have to wait to do the rest tomorrow.


Lucy said...

That's so the truth. We have all become more than dependant on what computers do. And you're right. I think it's scary, too.

peewee said...

I'm confused..why didn't you all just stay home and be all WOOHOO, No work!!!!