Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Doctor Visit

An update on my ongoing saga about my doctor and my insurance company. I called on Monday to look for a new doctor and was able to get an appointment today. If I'd wanted to see the actual doctor, I would have had to wait until August. I agreed to see the nurse practitioner and got the appointment in two days. I was happy and comfortable with this doctor's office. I went today and had the basic physical - EKG, breath-test and usual ears, nose, throat etc. They sent me to the lab for bloodwork and I have an appointment next week for the mammogram. Then I go back March 25 for the pap smear and to sit and go over the test results. That's what I like. I will actually sit and talk with someone in person about my test results. No one will be sending me scary things in the mail that petrify me and then I can't call until the next day to find out what the hell is going on. So far so good. And I was even happy with the lab who got my blood with ONE stick! I have very bad (non-existent) veins that tend to collapse when they are stuck with a needle. So I've had some pretty nasty experiences with blood work. But this lady was great. Although it did perturb me a little when she sat at the receptionist desk and took all my info, then donned a white coat and met me in back for the blood draw! But she was good. I'm happy with things so far. Don't'll hear about it if things go bad.


Debbie said...

I'm so glad for you that your experience was positive.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nurse practitioners can be wonderful! I had to get a new doctor recently because we moved, and the nurse practitioner at my new doctor's office figured out very quickly something that no doctor has been able to figure out in the years and years that I've had this problem. I've always had a problem getting rid of the cough that lingers for months after the cold is over. Well, she figured out that I have asthma. I had no idea that I had asthma! She prescribed the right combination of drugs, and I'm fixed! She's great!