Monday, March 23, 2009

And Just Keep On Eating

After our gastronomically intense evening on Friday night (see previous post), I just kept on with the whole eating theme for the rest of the weekend.
I worked on Saturday morning but then we went to my brother John's house on Saturday night. We hadn't visited with them since my brother's birthday at the end of January so we had lots of catching up to do. As I've said before my brother is a really good cook. He made us a chicken roasted on the rotisserie, baked sweet AND regulary potatoes, stuffing and two kinds of veggies. mmmmmmmmmmm. And of course chocolate cake for dessert. Besides the food we had a good time visiting. A couple times my SIL suggested popping in a movie, but we were so busy gabbing we never got around to it.
Sunday morning Hubby made me his yumdillyicious french toast. Sadly, we had to use FAKE maple syrup cause we ran out of the good stuff. Oh well, that's just going to entail a trip to Parker's Maple Barn next Sunday morning for some real maple syrup and of course, breakfast!
After breakfast we went to Westford to visit Hubby's Mom (we haven't seen her since Christmas! Bad Son!) His sister gave us some of her home-made fudge. (I told her she was evil when she offered to send some home with us).
We then went right around the corner to a friend's house who was having a jam. There were maybe 15-20 people there with all kinds of instruments. Hubby brought his guitar, keyboard and banjo but only ended out playing the banjo.

Since I am "musically challenged" I played the 'egg' and pounded on somebody's bongos. The music was great.....the problem was it was a potluck and everyone made such delicious food. And then when everyone moved the jam over to the open mic that was being held in town.......they packed up all the leftover food and brought THAT to the open mic! So the eating continued.

Today will be a day of rest from gluttony. But tomorrow night I'm going out with "the girls" a new restaurant in town! OY!


Debbie said...

I love my real maple syrup so much! Sorry you had to use the fake stuff:)

Bingo said...

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Bingo said...

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Bingo said...

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Lucy said...

Looks fun. Wish I'd been there.