Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We started off our day visiting the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Orlando. They gave us a nice buffet - although not as nice as the one at our hotel. The highlight of this breakfast was Krispy Kreme donuts made into french toast. Decadent! We got over to Seaworld and the first thing we saw was their new "Manta" roller coaster. It's a big, huge, scary-ass coaster that I was too scared to go on! They take you and strap you in tight, then lean you forward so you are face-down! Then they swing you around and around and upside down - supposedly mimicking the movements of a manta ray.
Luckily, they built an aquarium exhibit right under the ride, specifically for people like me. I spent the time gazing upward at the mantas floating around over our heads.
We went and saw the Dolphin show, which was outstanding! Besides the dolphins, they had people do acrobatics in the air and diving off a high dive.
Then we went to the Shark Encounter. This was an aquarium tunnel that you went into and stood on the conveyer belt. The tunnel brought you through the aquarium where you could see the sharks from every angle.
It was time for our "special treat". Our guide Kate had said it was a surprise that involved something black and white. I was sure hoping it was penguins, and it was! We each got to pat the penguin and see them up close and personal.
This little guy wanted to be my friend. He was fascinated by my camera strap that was dangling above him. As I wiggled it, his little head wiggled back and forth. I wanted to put him in my backpack and take him home!
Of course we went to the Shamu show. We got to see a newborn whale with her mommy before the show began.
Finally, at night we went to a luau. It was amazing! The dancers were perfectly synchronized and very, very energetic!
This guy was hilarious. He asked us to take pictures of him and posed for us.
After this exciting and exhausting day, there wasn't much discussion about going to the pool at the hotel. We were all so pooped we went to our rooms and crashed.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh what a fun trip! And that french toast? want some!

Joan said...

I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your trip. Hard to believe it's a business trip! Our Aquarium has several of the walk-thru glass tunnels - so cool! So if Tag is jealous of this trip? Bring him down here in the Spring and we'll do King's Island, the Aquarium and the Zoo! Hint Hint!!