Saturday, October 16, 2010

Live Music Recording

Hubby was involved in a very exciting event this week. A friend of ours, GS Picard runs an event every Thursday night that she calls the Bull Run Thursday Night Soundstge Independent Music Showcase. She invites area musicians to come in and put on a night of entertainment. This week, our good friend Jane Fallon presented her show. And she chose to do it in a unique way. Last spring, while visiting her father out in Oregon, she decided to write Seven Songs in Seven Days. And she decided to present them during her showtime, and have them taped and made into a live CD. She invited many talented area musicians to join her in the show, and one of them was Hubby. He was asked to play keyboard on a couple of songs:
and to play "washboard" on another song:
The evening of entertainment was taped live, and will be made into a CD with the help of producer Jeff Root at his famous "Root Cellar" studio.
Below is Hubby, Jeff Root and Jane Fallon.
We had a fantastic time. The Bull Run has outstanding food, the place with packed with musician friends, and the music that came out of this night was fabulous.

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