Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Adventures on Saturday

Our adventure on Saturday started out with apple picking. There were a couple of apple farms on the island. We had to go to one for cider donuts and cider, but their apples had all been picked so we went to another to pick our own apples. The apples we got were bigger and juicier than the ones we found at home. A little cider break on the front porch of the store. We felt like real Vermonters.
Then we went to the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, VT. I must say, it was the most varied and eclectic museum I've ever been to. There was a round shaker barn, which housed an exhibit of quilts dedicated to Alzheimer's.
There was a merry-go-round........
Which Hubby enjoyed.
There was a big, long, horseshoe shaped building that housed a whole exhibit on the circus.
There was an actual steamboat that used to run on Lake Champlain. You could go inside and tour the whole ship.
And then there were other buildings that housed 1800's doctor's office, pharmacy, old tools, displays of 1800's housing and barrel-making, etc. There was also an exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs. We toured the buildings all afternoon and had to rush to fit in the last few houses before the place closed at 5pm. It was fun and interesting and very diverse!
After that we took the ferry over to Plattsburgh for dinner.

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