Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back from my Fam

Back from my Fam trip to Florida and I am just exhausted! They sure do keep you hopping! Yes, it was a "working" trip.....with lots of fun and enjoyment mixed in. The idea of a Fam is to get you familiar with a certain area or certain places so you can bring that knowledge back to your customers. They sure did bring us on tours everywhere to make sure we became familiar with everything. I am breaking down my posts into several days, since we saw and did so much, and I took over 500 pictures, which are quite difficult to upload all in one shot! When we arrived on Wednesday, we went to the hotel that was hosting us; The Orlando World Marriott Resort. And it was gorgeous! When we checked in, they gave us a "goodie bag" filled with all kinds of things, including some stuffed Shamu whales and some little Elmo dolls. Perfect for the grandbabies. The Lobby: Being a resort, it had all the amenities.....an 18 hole golf course and a huge and gorgeous pool area: (this was the view from the balcony in my room on the 21st floor)
The pool even had a water slide:
My traveling companion Tasha and I on our tour of the hotel. We toured 5 different Marriott hotels, two of which were side by side!
After checking in, I had a little time so I headed straight for the pool. The water was bathtub warm. We re-grouped and our escorts took us to an art museum for a reception, then out to eat at a restaurant called Circa.
After coming back, we headed back to the pool. We swam the first couple of nights, but after that, we were too exhausted at night and headed straight to bed!

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Joan said...

You'd have been hard-pressed to even get me out of that hotel. It's gorgeous!