Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Trip to Grand Isle, VT

Hubby's Secret Adventure Getaway turned out to be a trip up to Grand Isle, VT. Grand Isle is one of the islands in the middle of Lake Champlain, which is on the border between Vermont and New York. We drove up in the rain on Friday, and just as we parked our car in Burlington, VT for a lunch-break, the rain stopped. We had a nice lunch and a walk around Burlington's very quaint downtown, and then continued on to Grand Isle. Our Bed and Breakfast was called the "Ferry Watch Inn" because that's what you could do from their stunning and gorgeous backyard - watch the ferry as it ran between Grand Isle and Plattsburgh, NY. A few photos of the unbelievable view from the backyard.
You can see the ferry in this photo. There were three ferries that went back and forth constantly. The ride from Grand Isle to Plattsburgh was only 10 minutes.
We loved the Adirondack chairs. We would have spent a lot more time in them, but it was pretty cold and windy.
Is this the life, or what?


Anonymous said...

I've been awaiting your weekend report...definitely my kind of weekend (although I don't do B&Bs, I'm a hotel kind of girl). Back in the old days (1976), hus had a job interview at a TV station in Plattsburgh...thank goodness he didn't get it (ended up in Bangor, ME).

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh I am GREEN with envy! How wonderful and what a lovely place :-) You both look happy and contented- just what the doctor ordered, huh? Great photos :-)