Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank God it was Friday.

Only half a day of work today!! Hurray! And I was scheduled to have lunch with three of my cousins after work. They kindly offered to have lunch near my office so I could get out at 1pm and join them. I chose Chicago Uno Grill, which is right down the road. However, this morning I went to my bank to get money for the lunch. The bank is directly across the street from Uno Grill.....or should I say it was! I glanced over and the sign was gone and the building was obviously empty! Quick call to my cousin and we switched the locale to T-Bones. We had a great visit. These three cousins...Cathy, Gail and Nancy.....were the ones who were very close to my Mom, so it was a great comfort to visit with them and chat about my Mom and Dad. Then we moved on to chatting about our kids, jobs, etc. Tonight Hubby and I went to Ayer, MA to a restaurant called 31 Main Street. Hubby had made Facebook friends with a musician who has a jazz band called "The Trude Witham Jazz Band". We went to hear them play and luckily, this restaurant had some excellent food. So I think I've eaten enough today. Now I can go to bed.

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The Boob Nazi said...

How odd that it was just gone!