Friday, January 8, 2010


I started to think about what I wanted to post today......and.........nothing. There is nothing there. No thoughts. No ideas. For fun, I went back to a year ago to see what I posted about last January. I posted about how boring January is. So true. Last year we were still recovering from major damage from the epic ice storm we had in December. This year....hardly any snow yet. (Not that I'm complaining). Last year I posted about my grand-daughter Emily who was just over a year old. This year, I can post about my grandson Noah who is just over a year old. (I found out Noah is the second most popular name of 2009. Great....he'll have four of them in his first grade class.) Last year, I had only been working at AAA for a few months and was still in that dazed period when everything was overwhelming because there was so much to learn. This year, I am the "old hand" helping the new girl learn how to map, etc. Last year I was lamenting the fact that the Patriots didn't make it into the playoffs, despite an 11-5 record. This year, they're record is 10-6 and they are in the playoffs. Go figure. Last year I was all excited to show you the cross-stitch I was going to make for Noah. I'm ashamed to say I haven't gotten very far with it. I don't know why. I have to be in the mood to cross-stitch, I guess. I'll do better this year. Really. Last year was the inauguration of President Obama. Nothing going on there. And I mean nothing. Last year I had to send a nasty-gram to Shaw's bemoaning their deplorable salads. This year it was Boston Market Chicken. Same complaint, different restaurant. Last year I posted about the arrival of our cat, Oreo. This year I'm willing to give him away to anyone who wants him. Last year we had a wonderful New Year's Eve. The children had given us a night out and we had a ball. This year we sat on the couch and dozed until it was time to see the ball drop. Things sure do change from year to year.

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