Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bye Bye Wedding Ring

No...not the new one...the old one. I still had my wedding ring from my first marriage. I wasn't going to throw it over some bridge or something, so it's been sitting in my jewelry box for the last 8 years. I had no sentimental attachment to it anymore but I just couldn't throw it away. My girlfriend had been telling me how she's been taking her "scrap gold" (old earring backs, single earrings, broken necklaces) to a jeweler and getting cash for them because the price of gold is really high right now. I had it in the back of my mind to bring the ring to that jeweler for quite some time now, but of course, never got around to it. This weekend, my sister-in-law was telling me that her friend's daughter's preschool was having a "Scrap Gold" party at her school. They'd have someone there who would weigh and assess your scrap gold and give you money for it and 15% would go toward the school. So I figured...what the heck? Might as well do it. The ring weighed .17 of an ounce. So I got $55 for it. I can't remember what we paid for it 30-something years ago. But it probably wasn't much more than that. I'll take $55 in exchange for a ring sitting in my jewelry box any day.


The Boob Nazi said...

The mother and I did that with some of my grandma's old jewelry. Nice!

Colleen said...

At least you didn't send it int he "Pre-paid envelope" to who-knows-where and HOPE that you ever see it or the money again..And, no, I didn't do that ..but the TV commersials are on all.the.time.

Janean said...

$55 is better than it sittin' there starin' at cha!