Friday, January 29, 2010

God knows we need the practice

So Hubby and I are going to be the "feature" at an Open Mic in February. The Feature is the "main attraction". Usually they go for big names or someone who might draw a crowd. This time, they asked us. Now, Hubby is a great musician. He's a natural. He plays multiple instruments. He's been in real bands. He knows what he's doing. Me......not so much. I can carry a tune (barely) but that's about it. Any other musical ability has passed me by. But Hubby really likes me singing with him. So I will. But I really need to practice. Hubby can "wing it" when he plays by himself. But when you're trying to sing duets, you really need to have the words and tune down pat. This time, he asked his cousin Ricky, who plays for a professional band, to play some percussion. Ricky is a drummer, but he got a new set of bongos for Christmas and will be using those for our gig. He also asked his long-time family friend Scot to play bass guitar. Last night we went to Scot's house for a practice session. Scot's wife Laurie very graciously served us supper before our practice. Then we went into Scot's basement for our practice. Ricky's wife Laurie came down to be our "audience". And I guess we did okay. Unless Laurie is a bold-faced liar. She thought we sounded great. Some of the songs we're more practiced with than others. Some of the songs barely have the ink dry on the paper, they're so new. But we worked through them. There's one or two more practices before we have our gig on February 13. I hope we get it all together before then. I know we'll have a great time.....but I'd like to make sure our audience enjoys it too.

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Kaye said...

you'll know 'em dead! Have fun.