Monday, January 25, 2010

Illness all around me

I'm not a germaphobe by any stretch of the imagination. You can't be a child care provider for close to 30 years and be afraid of germs. Not when the little darlings hand you the boogers they just picked out of their cute little upturned noses. But somehow today seemed like I was in contact with more sick people than I really wanted to be. My co-worker called in with the flu. She and her husband are both sick. Does that mean she was contagious when I worked with her on Friday? I hope not, since I left work and had lunch with my cousins, who went on to go home to their families, etc, etc. Just in case, the Clorox bleach wipes came out and we sanitized her desk. And yesterday we had my brother and sister-in-law over. I just read on Facebook that she went home sick from work today. Let's hope it's something she picked up in the middle of the night, or on her way to work this morning.....not something she had while she was here yesterday. I'll double up on my Echinacea tomorrow.

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The Boob Nazi said...

Ugh, don't remind me how easily kids get me sick.