Sunday, December 13, 2009

Museum of Science Birthday

My niece Laura is turning ten years old this week. For the past several years we've taken her on an excursion so we can spend time with her, rather than give her a gift. This year, we decided on the Museum of Science in Boston, mainly because the special exhibit is Harry Potter. As a special added treat, we took the train in. Laura loved the train. And so did we! After the train, we had to hop on the "T" (the subway) for one stop. Laura waited patiently for the T to come while visiting with a tiny little bird friend. (look closely in the lower right-hand corner)
One of the first things we did when we got there was go to the cafe to eat. Very expensive, but convenient. The Museum is right on the Charles River and we could see a cityscape from the windows of the cafe.
Most of the exhibits in the museum were "hands-on" and Laura just loved that. In this room you could take down a box devoted to a certain subject and check things out. This box was about snakes.....Laura is measuring the length of a snakeskin.
They have models of the Apollo spaceships that you can go inside and pretend to be an astronaut.
The Harry Potter exhibit was a bit disappointing to me. There was just a couple interactive components to it.....the rest was just walking around looking at props from the movies. Laura did get to sit in the chair under the "Sorting Hat" and get sorted into Griffendorf House. No photography was allowed in the Harry Potter no pics.
We said goodbye to the gigantic T-Rex on our way out.
The whole day was fun and exciting with things Laura had never done before. It's always so much fun to see her bouncing around and squealing with excitement as she investigates everything. We've promised to take her back sometime to see some of the exhibits we didn't have time for, as well as to see the Planetarium and the Omni Theater.

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