Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Kids at Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we had Hubby's kids over for dinner. Of course, 1 year old Noah was the center of attention. Christmas is hard on little children and he was pretty out of sorts when he first got here. But it didn't take him long to relax and have us all laughing. I couldn't resist posting another video of him dancing while Hubby played the guitar. Hubby made me cry by presenting me with his own hand-made "Sailor's Valentine". These are traditionally made by sailors while they're out at sea pining for their loved ones. Hubby made this one with shells he's found on our adventures, and used the colored sand from our wedding ceremony in the background. He even built the wooden box to put it in. Can you see the heart shape created by the pink rocks? Hubby, of course, enjoyed some quality time with his Tabla Drums.
Then we went to Hubby's Mom's house for Christmas there. It was crowded and noisy and so good to see his brothers and sisters again, and his mother. She's been ill, but she is recovered and always in good spirits.
Son Kenny got all silly with the Silly String.
And Noah looked like a little man in his Christmas vest. He had fun playing with new toys and enjoying the company of his first little playmate.

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