Friday, December 18, 2009

How Many Times Must I Tell Him?

Hubby did some Christmas shopping today. He left work a bit early for an appointment and headed to the mall. Yes, the mall. He got a $50 gift card to the mall this week and decided he'd use it to buy some Christmas Gifts. Specifically, Christmas gifts for moi. And some for his kids. Now, I'm very proud of Hubby for doing his shopping a whole week before Christmas. That's a giant step up from his former practice of shopping on Christmas Eve at the drugstore. What Hubby always forgets (even though I've told him several times) is that....if he uses the debit card.......I will know how much he spent and where he spent it. Because I do all my banking online, and I can see on my account every time a card gets used. Usually I go onto the banking site every other day or so to keep up with recording our expenditures. But since I really love a good surprise....and I really don't want to know what I'm getting for Christmas, I'll have to forego doing any bill-paying or record-keeping or banking of any kind until after Christmas. Darn it.


tag vennard said...

JC Penny is a big store- I might have bought a power drill!!

C said...

Oh but what a surprise it will be on Christmas morn! Have a very Merry and loving Christmas all through the year :-)