Thursday, December 3, 2009

It turned out to be just a lot of hot air.

The air in Hubby's tires were low on his way to work the other day. So he swings into the gas station down by his workplace, where he's gotten air for his tires before. The sign says 75 cents to get air, but Hubby always goes inside and just asks them to turn it on, so he can get free air. (and rightfully so......why should we have to pay for air?) This time, the kid at the counter tells him, "We're not allowed to do that anymore....we have to make people pay." In this day and age of debit cards, we never have any cash on us. So Hubby has to buy something, so he can get cash, so he can buy air. He choses a jug of window-washer fluid (a wise choice) and brings it to the counter. The kid rings it up, and Hubby slides his card through......but there is no choice to get "cash back". "Hey, how do I get cash back?" he says to the kid. "Uh, I guess we can't do that here." is the reply. It's at this point I would have said to the kid, "Hey, idiot....why do you think I just bought your overpriced ($2.75 for a gallon) window-washer if not to get cash back so I can make change so I can go out and pay for air which should be free in the first place???" But Hubby is more patient than I am. He left the store, stashed his window-washer in the back seat and went to work. After work, he went to a different store. This time he bought two big Symphony candy bars (a not-so-wise choice) and got his cash back. $20. I asked him why he got $20. Why not just get $5. or even $10. He says, "The machine didn't have that choice. It just had $20, $40, $60 or other. Ohhhhhh! Other!" He goes back to the same gas station and goes to the door to go inside and get change. The doors are locked. The gas station is clearly open, but the sales clerk must have been out back having a toke. Hubby drives home. The next morning, he goes to the gas station down the street. (Even though I told him that the gas station up the street has FREE air......but does he listen? Nooooo.) He goes inside the station, gets his dollar's worth of quarters, and pays his 75 cents to put air in his tires. When he gets back in his car, he takes the extra quarter and puts it in his console to save for the next time he needs air. And notices 3 shiny quarters sitting there in the console.


Utah Grammie said...

TOO FUNNY! Good thing he didn't get a flat :-)

Kaye said...

It figures! Paying for air sucks in the first place. Sheesh.