Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas With the Kids

For the past few years, we've had Christmas with my kids on the weekend before the holiday. Everyone has too many places to go on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so this was a nice solution to that little problem. This year we got to have the holiday at Doug and Kara's new house. We decided on a breakfast buffet. There was quiche, hash brown casserole, fruit and yogurt and a delicious peach and blueberry coffee cake. Then we got to the presents. Hubby and I both made Emmy books. Hubby's was all about the School Bus. Emily loves to go out to see the schoolbus when her friend Allison comes home from school. She teases us that the school bus is blue or green or pink. Hubby's "story" was wondering what color the school bus was. Emily loved it. My book was an ABC book in scrapbook style. Each page was a letter with a picture of Emily or someone Emily knew. That one was a big hit as well.
Kelly and Kara pose for a photo.Doug just had back surgery at Thanksgiving. Doesn't he look great?
Pepere gives Emmy another gift. We got her mostly books, since I am a fanatic on children's literature, and I know she loves books.
The one toy we did give her was "Farm Uno". It's made for younger kids. She's even a bit too young to play this as a game but she loved playing with the little ball-shaped colored animals. Uncle Nick and Auntie Jamie are giving her a hand.
And of course, Emily found the Christmas gift bag just as amusing as the toys.

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C said...

What a little cutie she is! And I so agree with the gift of books - one that will be remembered and enjoyed long pas the toys that are forgotten. Good for you!