Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Lost My Links

Putting up this new header I lost my links to my favorite blogs. If you know I've been reading your blog, please leave me a link to you so I can put you back up here. Thanks.


starstruk said...

I don't know if you follow, but I follow you. http://starstruk.wordpress.com

Joan said...

Hey, I love the new look! Stopped in to wish you and Tag a Very Merry Christmas. Thank you for the Christmas card - love the photo! Looks like you and the family had a nice holiday gathering. "Talk" to you soon!

Oh - and add my blog to your list. I will be writing again soon! http://joanoh2.blogspot.com

C said...

Oh Sweetie, that's so sad :-( But I do love your new header! Please come back to see ms and I hope you have a wonderful, magical and merry Christmas!!

heidilou said...

You probably gave up on me, but I'm going to try to update more often in 2010.