Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How iz it?

How iz it that people come into the office to get our famous AAA triptik, cause they can't figure out how to map out a trip for themselves, and when we give them our best professional advice about what route to take, they go with the route that "someone told them would be best"? How iz it that I go to bed exhausted and can't. get. to. sleep. I don't do caffeine, I don't do chocolate and yet I lie there with my eyes wide open and my legs going a mile a minute like a dog in the midst of a dream about chasing rabbits? How iz it that one of the best hospitals in the country just outside of Boston feels the need to charge $8 to park. For everyone....visitors and patients? How iz it that that same hospital has dial up credit card machines to take the aforementioned $8? How iz it that someone can come into the office and tell me I'm wrong when I try to explain to him that any VISA gift card of $50 or more is fee-free......and he thinks that means he can buy two $25 gift cards and we'll waive the fees?? How iz it that I've used up all my Christmas fund and I still have things to buy? And have a nice day.

1 comment:

C said... iz it I can relate to all of this?

But we WILL have a happy, safe and loving Christmas and I..and everyone else...I just KNOW it :-)