Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spend Money to Save Money

You've got to spend money to save money...isn't that true? It's a concept wives try to get across to their husbands all the time. "But honey, if I didn't spend $40 on that pair of shoes, I wouldn't have saved the 30%". Right? I can understand how husbands would be confused on that one. But this week we really did spend money to save money. My hubby has dozens of video tapes from when his kids were little. Birthday parties, Christmas, T-Ball Games...and some just of the kids goofing around and singing etc. We wanted to convert them to DVD, both to preserve them but also so he could upload them onto the computer and edit them. Our DIL's father has a friend who does this, so we started sending the tapes to $25 a pop. We sent about five or six before a friend my hubby works with pointed out a machine at Walmart that can transfer tapes to DVD. The machine cost $100. So we bought it, and in one day my hubby has converted four tapes.....and already paid for the machine. Even including the $20 it cost us to buy blank DVDs and cases, it's already been worth it. I like that kind of savings.

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Joan said...

"Spend money to save money" makes perfect sense to me!! By the way, I love the new pic of Emily :) What a cutie!