Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Planning Montreal

My daughter plays Women's Football. This is her fourth year, and every year Hubby and I have really enjoyed going to watch her games. They usually range from New England to New York and during the playoffs they might go further than that. This year they're going to Montreal and hubby and I have decided to go there to watch her.'s a really good excuse to do some traveling. Usually we "go away" twice a year....once in June for my birthday and once in October for Hubby's. It started out with him planning my birthday adventure and me planning his. Now that we're married, I tend to plan them both....not because I'm the wife and he's the husband but because I love to plan things and he really doesn't. As a matter of fact, I get almost as much enjoyment out of planning it as I do out of the actual trip. Between now and then, I'll spend hours online looking up Bed and Breakfasts, Restaurants and Attractions. We do like staying in a Bed and Breakfast as opposed to a hotel/motel. We just find it so much cozier and we love the interaction with other guests and the hospitality of the owners. Not all the places we've stayed have turned out to be gems, but most of the time we're quite delighted with our choice. I've already found the place we're going to stay in Montreal. It wasn't easy despite the fact that there are many, many B and B's in that city. I have two top criteria for a being a private bathroom and the other being a full gourmet breakfast. It seemed like lots of the places in Montreal had shared bathrooms, and the ones that didn't had bathrooms 'ensuite'. I had to look up what that meant. Turns out it means the toilet and tub are IN the room...not adjoining, but IN. I didn't like the idea of that either. But this place we're staying has a private bathroom and a full breakfast. None of this namby pamby 'Continental Breakfast' crap for us. I'm pretty excited about going. I've never been there, never been out of the country even! I know I'm going to love it. But there's more planning to do between now and mid-April.

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