Saturday, March 8, 2008

My List

I've been challenged to write every single day in my blog for the month of March. Well, I already screwed that up, but I'll join anyway in the theme which is "Lists". My list is "Things That Drive Me Crazy": (In no particular order) 1. People who don't know the meaning of the sign in front of my condo that says "Do Not Block the Intersection", and then we can't get out of our own driveway. 2.Parents at the high school teaching their kids irresponsbility by bringing them everything they forgot in the morning....books, projects, notebooks, lunch, lunch money, sports clothes, etc etc etc. 3. Going out for a nice meal in a restaurant and being seated near the screaming child from hell. 4. Tenants in my building who do not move their cars when it snows, especially the people right beside me so then my spot doesn't get plowed and I have to walk on mounds of snow for the rest of the winter. 5. People who park in my reserved space at the condo and then take the very polite note I leave on their windshield and throw it on the ground. 6. Feeling like I'm bothering a salesperson in a store by asking them a question. 7. Going someplace to scrapbooking or ceramics or anywhere with a bunch of women, and they spend the whole night complaining about their husbands. Wow...I thought I could come up with at least ten things, but I think that might be it! If you have a list, send it to me in my comments page or email it to me. I'd love to see it!

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Joan said...

Love the picture that goes with your comments! Too funny!