Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I subbed for a "Health" teacher today at the high school. My biggest fear was that I'd be teaching sex ed, but apparently that's not what Health teachers teach nowadays. This class was about recycling and protecting the environment. Hmmmm..not sure how that relates to health. Part of the class was watching a taped show of Oprah...her "Green" show where she told everyone how to become "greener". (I guess the goal is to look like Kermit). She had all kinds of statistics about how many trees you can save if everyone used just ONE less paper napkin per day, and how one of the worst things you can do is take the paper receipt at the ATM machine...they are littering our earth. So it was pretty ironic when I had to hand each student in the class no less than TEN handouts, photocopies printed on paper, regarding how you can save the earth by using less paper. I wonder how many trees were killed today?

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