Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today was a long babysitting day for me. Usually I just babysit half a day but Kara had a workshop so I babysat all day. What a pleasure! Emily is just such a doll and so funny to be with. She's now sitting up totally unaided, and she "log-rolls" all over the living room. She's finding her voice and is delighting herself by screaming at the top of her lungs. We screamed back and forth to each other today and she thought that was hilarious. Her mom got her these little crunchy things to eat....they look like cereal but they kind of melt when they go in her mouth. She's practicing picking them up and sometimes she gets them in the palm of her hand and folds her fingers over them and then can't find them. She did that today, so I pried it out of her palm and put it back on the tray for her to try again. This time she decided she'd just lean down and eat it directly off the tray, but it happened to align with her nose, and it was wet, so it stuck to her nose! She couldn't figure out what I thought was so funny! My List for Today: My Most/Least Favorite Jobs: (In order) Least Favorite: 1. Kindercare Daycare Center - a child warehouse if I ever saw one 2. Walmart - after working the evening shift, you weren't allowed to go until the store was "clean" enough - totally at the manager's discretion. 3. Survey Taker at the Mall - trying to drag unsuspecting people into the office to do a survey by lying to them about how long it would take. 4. Summer Camp counselor for Little Sprouts - the program was run on a college campus by the college sports director....no child care experience and the campus had nothing for the kids to do. Most Favorite: 1. Arts and Crafts Director at Camp Hadar: doing crafts with kids ages 4-14, plus swimming, boating, playing games.....need I say more? 2. Director of my own Daycare - I loved, loved, loved taking care of kids. 3. Director of Palmer school kindergarten/preschool - I loved, loved, loved teaching kids. 4. Beach Attendant at the town beach - sit in the sun and occasionally get up to get passes from people entering the park.

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