Saturday, March 15, 2008


Uh oh....I didn't blog yesterday OR make a list....maybe if I make two lists today? Yesterday turned out to be weird. It was a babysitting day for me, which I love. Usually I'm there until 11 or so but yesterday I ended out staying until 3. My Dear Daughter in Law has a low-blood-pressure problem. It got really bad while she was pregnant, and she had one 'episode" since she had the baby. She just passes out. Her blood pressure dips so low she just faints. After the one episode a few months ago, the doctor put her on HIGH salt diet and in addition gave her salt pills and told her to eat salty foods. Now, I have had high blood pressure since I was a teenager and have always had to do the opposite, which is the case with most people. Anyway....she fainted on Tuesday night and called the doctor, stayed home Wednesday and Thursday, then tried to go to work Friday but was in danger of passing out so called her dad to come get her. (obviously, she can't drive). Her dad took her to his house to rest and I stayed with the baby. When DIL finishes nursing she'll be able to take a medication to raise her blood pressure, but until then she just has to stick with the salt and lots and lots of water. So I got to spend a lot of time with Emily yesterday....I'll make her accomplishments my first list: 1. She sits up very well and even can lean forward, to the side and to the back and only occasionally fall over. 2. She can put her feet in her mouth ..... a real accomplishment for most of us! 3. She repeats the sounds you make to her...if you cough, she coughs...if you screech, she screeches....the first steps in learning language. 4. She can log-roll all over the room, flipping over and over ...going both ways. 5. She can pick up her little pieces of cereal with her finger and thumb....a very important developemental milestone. 6. She can do pushups....on her belly she lifts her whole body so only her toes are touching. 7. Yesterday, she ALMOST got into the crawl position. She'd do her pushup and get ONE knee under her. The one time she got the second knee under, she did a forward roll. It's so much fun for me to see her do all these things. I've taken care of babies all my life and never get sick of watching them grow and develop and figure out how to do things for themselves. Okay, a second list....a second list......I'm so bad at things to'll have to wait for another day.

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