Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yucky weather much yuckier could this weather be? Snow, rain, think we'd be so used to it in New Hampshire, but it still gets you down after a while. We've had a snowy winter, although not as bad as when I was a kid. Then we got FEET of snow..not just inches. But this year has been worse than the past few.....more snow but also more rain. And thunderstorms! Weird in the winter. Today it's just been pouring and pouring after it snowed last night. The puddle on the road in front of the condo is literally deep enough to swim in. It was a snow day of course, so I didn't get called in to sub, but I didn't feel like doing anything constructive either. So I read, and I did write a chapter of my book......and watched TV. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ what a boring kind of day!

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