Tuesday, February 12, 2008

David Cassedy.....Heart-throb?

I just saw David Cassedy on the Oprah show and it was ......... quite disturbing. Yes, I was a big fan of his in the early 70's, and yes, I watched the Partridge Family every Friday night. I was one of those excited girls jumping up and down when I saw him on TV. But somehow, watching middle-aged women jumping up and down and screaming while he sings "I Think I Love You" is not quite the same. He's still kind of a handsome man in a "I had Botox and hair implants" kind of way. The back view of his head with the circle of baldness was not something I really needed to see. And the way he sang and reached out to touch the women in the audience and then went and put his arm around some of them and sang to them was just plain creepy. I guess his admitting in the interview with Oprah that he stayed holed up in his hotel room with some of his fans cause "those were different times" didn't help matters either. I kind of wished I hadn't watched the show. I would have liked to have kept my illusions!

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Joan said...

Hahaha! That made me glad I don't watch Oprah! I feel the same way when I see Aerosmith, the Eagles and any of the old great bands of the 70's... ugh! Bunch of old men trying to pretend they're still young! Of course (fluffing my hair), *we* still look EXACTLY the same ;) xxoo