Monday, February 11, 2008

Lunch with Mom and Dad

Yesterday afternoon we went to lunch with Mom and Dad. Such a nice visit! Things have been rough for the two of them the past year or so. Mom has breast cancer and had chemo and is now in her final week of radiation. Dad had a triple by-pass surgery two weeks ago. They'll both be 70 this year, and I am amazed at their stamina, determination, and ability to take each day as it comes. They've always been very self-sufficient, so it's very hard for them to ask for anything, especially for Dad, who's never had any kind of surgery before and never had the experience of not being able to do things for himself. They invited us over for lunch, and Mom made her very famous beef stew. She makes it like no one else can. I've just doesn't come out the same. We had a nice shrimp cocktail first, then the stew with bread and some homemade apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Who could ask for anything more? We stayed and enoyed visiting with them for most of the afternoon. They're just such nice people!

The picture is of them at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party.....they were high school sweethearts.......and they still act like sweethearts!

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