Friday, February 22, 2008


I have a group of friends I met when we were all doing Girl Scouts.

In photo at left it's Sylvie, Sue T., Carol, Gail, Sue F., and me. Debbie wasn't there when the picture was taken. The seven of us all have daughters who were involved in Girl Scouts, but who now have graduated from high school, some have graduated from college, and they no longer need us to be their leaders. Because our friendship was so centered around Girl Scouts, we were afraid to lose touch and decided we should get together once a month and go out to eat, just to have a night to chat and catch up on each others' lives. That started something like 5 years ago, and we still go out faithfully every month. Some months all of us are there, some months there might be as few as three, but we go with whoever can make it. Last night, we all met at Ruby Tuesday's. Only Carol was missing since she is a "snow bird" and is in Florida until the end of the month. It's always a nice conversation centered around the mainstay of our We don't talk about Politics, or religion....not because we're afraid to, but because that's not what really interests us. Last night, we talked about:

Weddings.....Debbie, Sylvie and Carol all have daughters getting married this year and we discussed wedding plans, bridesmaids dresses, showers, wedding dresses....etc.

Our Kids.....who is doing what in college, who got a new girlfriend/boyfriend, who is looking for a new job....and grandkids, cause a couple of us already have grandchildren!

Our Jobs....I'm always looking for something new, Sylvie just started a new job, will Debbie retire this year? The stupid people at our jobs, the interesting situations, the craziness....

Our Parents....Sylvie's mother-in-law had a heart attack, her mother and father are still going strong, my parents are just emerging from a nightmare year of illness, Sue's mother-in-law lives next door.....

We touched upon the Super Bowl, the Red Sox chances this year, the snow, our summer plans......

At the end of the night we all whip out our little pocket calendars and pick a date and location for next time. We all look forward to it....most of the time, our interaction between the dinners is via email, with an occasional shopping trip thrown in. It's great to have friends to discuss the minutae of life.

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